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Is Your Potential Home Safe and Sound?

Have its structure inspected in Birmingham, AL
A home is only as good as its structure. Even a beautiful exterior could disguise a major structural problem underneath.
Don’t risk buying a home that will become a maintenance nightmare in the future. Hire the inspector at Logan Inspection Services to examine your prospective home’s structure. Thanks to his eight years as an engineer – and decade in the construction industry – our Alabama inspector knows how to vet a building’s structural integrity from the foundation to the roof. He’ll make:
  • Observations
  • Determinations
  • Recommendations for needed repairs
Logan Inspection Services can help you avoid having to deal with an ongoing maintenance issue as a new homeowner. In only three hours, he’ll examine a Birmingham, AL property’s systems and structures. You’ll receive a comprehensive report on the same day. Call 205-602-1013 to schedule your residential inspection.