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Need a Professional to Inspect Your Birmingham Home?
Call Alabama’s best at Logan Inspection Services
Getting the lowdown about your potential home is an important thing to do. Before signing on the dotted line, call a qualified home inspector to evaluate every aspect of your potential investment, especially your plumbing and electrical inspections. Logan Inspection Services is always your best bet for comprehensive home inspection services in Birmingham, Alabama.
Our professional has over a decade of experience in the construction industry and a degree in civil engineering. Using his expertise and education, our inspector can put the microscope on your home to identify current problems and potential issues.
Logan Inspection Services will evaluate every element of a home, from the roof and attic to the basement and foundation. It’s vital you choose a home inspector for an official evaluation of your home to:
  • Detail every single issue in a written, comprehensive report
  • Guide you through the process, whether you’re a new buyer or not
  • Answer questions about problems to assist with your negotiations
When it comes to homes on the market, roofing materials, plumbing, electrical wiring and foundational materials tend to be the most problematic. Make sure you have the best eye to identify these issues right away. Work with one of the best home inspectors in Birmingham to identify these issues – call Logan Inspection Services today!